“My grandfather played the fiddle in Ireland, and when he left the Old World, crossing the sea to the New, he came by way of Ellis Island. He brought his fiddle. Grandma and my two aunts came shortly thereafter. I remember watching him, in the old Pennsylvania farmhouse playing Irish jigs on his fiddle and singing tunes in a tongue I’d never heard, but the music of that Old World was full of happiness and contentment.” ~ Jim Clinton

When Jim Clinton entered 4th grade in Altoona, PA, he joined the orchestra, signing up for violin. Sadly, before a school instrument became available, the family relocated to Accident, Maryland (population 715) where only wind instruments could be learned. The next best choice was Alto Saxophone, which became his primary musical outlet for the time being.

The notion of the violin fell dormant.

Developing a love for the string sound through listening, then as an adult beginning cello lessons, Jim experienced string music hands-on, turning his life’s direction.

In 2002, after studying violin and bow restoration / repair, he opened Jim Clinton Violins as a dealer and restorer. The trajectory was taking focus.

Having made most all the parts of a violin while restoring and repairing, connecting those lines and curves into a single fabrication of sound and beauty seemed the logical extension.

luthierscafe.com is Jim’s “New World”, following creative instincts, crafting Old World Cremonese expressions, unveiling the Heart of Passion from Soul to Scroll.